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Social Media Management

Winning Strategy

A converting Call-To-Action that sweeps competitors on your socials, and curated content that boosts your brand’s social presence.

Hands-Free Content

We pitch, prepare, and schedule your curated content in advance. Nothing goes live until you’re happy. It’s simple as that.


Converting Made Simple

LinkedIn Automation Marketing

The Right Leads

Our Sales Navigator Expert creates search groups on your LinkedIn to generate your ideal clients.

Seal The Deal

Our lead sheet contains everything you need to know to convert all your new leads into clients.


Our Strategies Based On Your Goals


Amplify Your Reach

Whether it’s to build brand awareness, generate leads or web traffic, we have the right platforms to get you where you want to be.

Go Beyond The Click

Let’s maximize your marketing efforts, drive your content forward, and ensure your message reaches your targeted audiences.


A Plan for Every Business Price: $1000 +

Every business is unique, resulting in creative solutions for varying needs. We analyze your targets and processes, identify growth opportunities, and execute action plans to help you exceed them.


Start To Finish


Welcome Call (1 Hour)

1) Meet your new Social Media Team
2) Walkthrough of our Project Management Platform and Content Creation Process


1 week



 Our Social Media Team will identify and assess your target market and competitors.

 Our Social Media Team will identify and assess your target market and competitors.


2) Quarterly Content Strategy will be developed based on our research
3) Monthly Content Strategies will be prepared 1 month prior to posting


2 weeks


Content Creation

Posts will be drafted and reviewed prior to publishing. Once you’re happy, we’ll begin scheduling.

Monthly Check-ins

Brief 30-minute discussion to revamp your content strategy and address any thoughts/concerns.

Monthly Analytic Report

Analyze and apply findings to your upcoming Monthly Content Strategy.



Got Questions?

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Social Media Management

All plans have a minimum 3-month commitment.

Here’s the breakdown for each additional post:

Image post = $75
Video post = $125

Please contact us for any changes to your plan.

Absolutely! We offer one-time and recurring post-upgrades.

Post-upgrades cost $50/post. Please contact us for any changes to your plan.

Definitely! Contact us to change your plan at anytime.

All changes to your plan will be effective immediately and reflected on your next billing cycle.

If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with our Social Media services, we provide a 7 day hassle-free refund policy from the date of your purchase.

LinkedIn Automation

Here’s a quick run-through of our LinkedIn Automations:

1. We will send 50 connection requests per day to potentially interested LinkedIn users with a personalized pitch that’s perfected in-house.

2. Once your connection requests are accepted, a series of strategically designed messages will be sent to spark conversation, build credibility, and drive interest.

3. Interested users will be directed to schedule a call, fill out a form, or any other site you’d like their next step to take place on. It’s at this time that your interested user will now be labelled as a “lead”. We’ll manage your interested users with basic responses from a pre-approved set of replies to guide them through the process.

4. Leads will be tracked, updated, and followed up with on a daily basis in a shareable document. Within this document, you’ll find the following information: name, company, position, email address, phone number, and any other potentially useful information.

We’ve found an average acceptance rate of 25%, resulting in an approximate increase of 375 new connections each month. These connections will be permanently yours to convert and retarget via marketing initiatives.

Approximately 5-10% of new connections respond favourably to our messaging sequence, yielding an average of 30-60 monthly leads. We classify a lead as someone that meets your target demographic criteria and expresses an interest in your products and/or services.

On a monthly basis, clients are averaging 10-15 calls. Our top performing LinkedIn Automation has yielded 80+ calls a month.

**Note that these results are estimates based on previous averages and are not an accurate representation nor guarantee of the results your business may yield.**

We realize that there is an element of risk involved, but rest assured that we’re taking the following precautions to minimize the chances of that happening:

1. Dedicated IP/Proxy for every account we manage

2. Safe limits on daily activity

3. Monitoring pending requests and withdrawing old requests on your behalf

4. Cloud based software

5. Utilizing interval bursts

6. Managing your account within your business hours

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