Types of Accounts

Types of Accounts

Discover which LinkedIn account 
offers the best networking opportunities
you’re looking for.
Discover which LinkedIn account offers
the best networking opportunities you’re looking for.

By Joon Lee

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re likely somewhat new to the world of LinkedIn or already an intermediate user that’s ready to dive deeper with a premium plan. With plenty to choose from, it can be pretty daunting to pick the right membership for you. This article will help you understand the types of accounts available and which is best for your business.

LinkedIn Free

A basic account is free for anyone starting out on Linkedin who’s looking to build their professional presence online. It allows for you to:

  • Grow a large and secure network
  • Connect with leads and colleagues (1st and 2nd degree connections)
  • Get unlimited InMail messages (no credits earned for outgoing messages)
  • Save a limited amount of searches


All: 80 profiles (10 profiles / hour)

Free: 150 profiles (15 profiles / hour)

Premium: 300 profiles (15 profiles / hour)


All: 80 invitations (10 invitations / hour)

Free: 150 invitations (15 invitations / hour) 

Premium: 300 invitations (15 invitations / hour)

LinkedIn Premium

paid premium account offers way more for those looking to actively grow their network. These people are typically more experienced with Linkedin and are in need of “the big guns” to continue growing their brand online. If you’re not ready just yet for that type of commitment, LinkedIn offers a one month free-trial for all of their different paid plans:

Premium Career is made for job seekers that want to access tools that help their profiles stand out to hiring managers, determine where they stand amongst other applicants, and simplify the research and application process.

Premium Business is made for promoting your business on a much larger scale while searching for and connecting with the right people for your business.

A paid premium account provides the following: 

  • Insights on jobs, salaries, and anyone who’s viewed your profile
  • 5 inMail credits every month
  • Maximum 1000 results on advanced searches

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn Automation, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Pro is an automated sales tool that targets the right leads and maintains valuable connections with prospects. It also gives you: 

  • 20 InMail credits every month
  • Lead recommendations
  • Save searches and leads

Sales Navigator Team allows rooms for multiple members to collaborate with PointDrive Presentations, sync CRM integrations and track usage reporting. Other benefits include: 

  • Save up to 5000 leads
  • 50 InMail credits every month

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter account is for hiring managers who are actively on the hunt for the perfect candidates. It’s equipped with advanced filters and search tools that will immediately pluck out the top applicants from the crowd. Other features include:

  • Hiring Team collaboration
  • 150 InMail credits every month
  • 40+ search filters
  • Insights on recruiter pipeline, usage and performances.

Recruiter Lite is perfect when your hiring needs aren’t as demanding. We assure you, It still does an exceptional job at finding, connecting, and managing candidates for you along with features like: 

  • Job and InMail performance reports
  • 30 InMail credits every month
  • 20+ search saving features

We get it, you may be thinking that this is a lot to take in. But trust me, we’ve barely scratched the surface with LinkedIn. A top networking platform like this offers way more than you think, and holds great potential in skyrocketing your network online.

Nonetheless, we hope this helped you grow a better understanding of the different routes you can take your LinkedIn career towards.

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