Best Automation Practices

Best Automation Practices

Get the best networking experience
with these LinkedIn Automation practices.

Get the best networking experience
with these LinkedIn Automation practices.

By Dom Jundos

Are you looking to get the best out of LinkedIn Automation? We’ve got you covered. Just like any other service out there, you’re gonna want to get the most out of anything you put your money’s worth into. In fact that’s why we’re here to let you in on the best practices in doing just that on your own LinkedIn Automation tool. 

As we move forward, it’s important to consider the type of account you have as the recommended practice will vary depending on it. Each type of LinkedIn membership has an ideal amount of connections for optimal performance on your account. 

LinkedIn Automation grows your network by automating connection requests and messages. 

Learn more about LinkedIn Automation Limits and how to keep your profile in best shape. 

  • All Accounts: 2000 connections & less
  • Free Accounts: 5000 connections & more (some daily activity) 
  • Premium Accounts: more than 2000 connections (daily activity)

The following practices below each have a recommended limit in the amount of initiations per hour. For example, The auto-liking tool has a recommended limit of initiating 10 likes / hour. 

LinkedIn Automated Actions (Per Day)


All: 100 likes (10 likes / hour)

Free: 150 likes (15 likes / hour)

Premium: 400 likes (20 likes /hour)


All: 40 comments (4 comments / hour)  

Free: 80 comments (8 comments / hour)

Premium: 150 comments (15 comments / hour)

Keep in mind that multiple posts that you “like” or “comment” on can be from the same LinkedIn user. 

You might also be wondering, Why would I want to auto-like and comment? It’s a way to show interest and engage with prospective clients even further. In other words, It’s a simple yet effective step to connect efficiently with other users. 


All: 80 profiles (10 profiles / hour)

Free: 150 profiles (15 profiles / hour)

Premium: 300 profiles (15 profiles / hour)

Auto-Sending Invitation 

All: 80 invitations (10 invitations / hour)

Free: 150 invitations (15 invitations / hour) 

Premium: 300 invitations (15 invitations / hour)

LinkedIn Scraping Extractions (Per Day)

Web scraping is when data from a website is extracted and simplified into a spreadsheet. 

Profile page 

All: 80 profiles (10 profiles / hour) 

Free: 150 profiles (15 profiles / hour) 

Premium: 300 profiles (15 profiles / hour)

Search result 

All: Max 100 pages/1000 results (20 pages, 200 results / hour)

Free: Max 150 pages/1500 results (21 pages, 214 results / hour) 

Sales Nav. Max: 200 pages/5000 results (20 pages, 500 results / hour)

Contacts’ URLs

LinkedIn will scrape through your given contacts’ LinkedIn URLs and draw out all publicly available data from them.

Regardless of what subscription you are on, you can only scrape once a day with a maximum of 2000 contacts. 

Group member

You can generate leads from targeting a specific LinkedIn group and extract data from each member of the group all into one single spreadsheet.

All: 5 groups (1 group / hour) 

Free: 10 groups (1 group / hour)

Premium: 20 groups (1 group / hour)

Commenter or Liker 

All: 50 posts (5 posts / hour)

Free: 100 posts (10 posts / hour)

Premium: 200 posts (10 posts / hour)


All: 100 posts (10 posts / hour)

Free: 200 posts (20 posts / hour)

Premium: 400 posts (20 posts / hour)

LinkedIn Automation can work harmoniously with your account when you know just how to make it happen.

Nonetheless, we hope our practices will help you take your LinkedIn Automation game to the next level. From here, we’ll hand it over to you to try out some of these practices. If you need any help in trying these out on your own account, schedule a chat with us here 🤖