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By Dom Jundos

Not sure what Messenger Marketing is all about? We get it, Messenger Marketing is a new hot concept that’s rattling the way marketers are doing their thing. We’re here to help you scratch the surface and tell you why you should have all hands on board. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Messenger Marketing, such as what it offers, what it’s capable of, and how it could benefit you as a Digital Marketer. 

What is Messenger Marketing? 

In a nutshell, it’s like having a part of your business on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

As of today, Facebook is the most notable platform for Messenger Marketing. Here’s a few reasons why: 

  1. They’re able to rapidly automate and scale your business 
  2. You’re able to direct ad clicks straight to your chatbots
  3. Their chatbots have been around for years 

The 24 Hour Rule 

Think about the amount of spam you get from emails. Now, think about how many you get from Facebook. You’re probably not really annoyed by Facebook (if at all) and that’s because of their super strict automated outbound messaging system

Facebook has a 24 hour restriction so users, like yourself, can’t be spammed. This is made possible by allowing chatbots to send you as many messages within 24 hours of your first interaction with them. Every time a user responds to a chatbot, the 24 hour restriction resets. Essentially, when you don’t respond within 24 hours, the chatbot stops messaging you. 

Sponsored Messages 

As you may know, images and videos are standard ads on Facebook that encourage clicks. Sponsored Message campaigns, which is used for Messenger Marketing, lets you send a message via Facebook Messenger instead of these options. 

You may be asking, Why would I want to pay for ads via Facebook Messenger, when I can just do the same through email for free? 

The main difference would be the open rates. The average email open rate is 20% while Facebook Messenger averages 80%. Some clients are even hitting a 93% open rate with a 76% click-though-rate. Insane.

Email & SMS 

Just to clarify, we’re not telling you to drop your email and SMS campaigns for Messenger Marketing. That’d be a HUGE missed opportunity to have these pillars work together. 

What would this look like? Well, you could use email and SMS campaigns to attract new or re-engage existing users and direct them to your chatbot! The possibilities are endless, so take some time to think ways you could use them for your project. 

Follow Up Potential

Another question you may be wondering is, why bother investing in a Facebook chatbot if your email and SMS campaigns are doing well? 

High open-rates aren’t the only attractive feature about Messenger Marketing (although it’s definitely a “wow” factor). Unlike SMS and email, Chatbots don’t rely on getting a lead’s information to follow up. Everything the Chatbot needs to know for a follow up is already on Facebook! 

Chatbots can also directly message prospects that comment on your posts. They can message prospects that either leave a comment or reach out based on certain keywords

Here’s one scenario where this would be super helpful: if you snapped a perfect shot of your recipe, all they’d have to do is comment “I need this” and it’d be theirs, you’d have your chatbot send your recipe to everyone that commented “I need this”. Then, you could follow up with your highly engaged leads with promotions on your smoothies! 

Sounds neat, doesn’t it? We hope this helped you understand more about chatbots and what it offers when taking on Messenger Marketing. We’re confident that it’d help take your business to the next level as it has with our clients.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions with setting your business up with Messenger Marketing ✌🏼


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